What we really want for Mother's Day

It's that time of year again when we are inevitably asked "What do you want for Mother's Day?" and this year it will look a bit different for us all. Here is what each of us our asking for and why.


Brigette + Dylan Winter 2019

As Dylan gets older, I appreciate our downtime together (now, more than ever). I’m lucky enough to have a husband who loves to cook … so a relaxing brunch and meaningful family time would be my biggest Mother’s Day request. But, a candle or pair of shoes are also acceptable options. ;)



Meghann, Evan, Nate, + Brynn 2019

I know that sounds crazy when we’ve been stuck in the house for the last 45+ days. However I would really love some down time without home school, chores, and all of the other things going on. To just hang out and have some laughs. So a day where all of the dishes, laundry, meals, and diapers changes are handled so I can actually be in the moment with my family would be AMAZING!



Jo, Zoe + Claire April 2020

For the past two years Jeff makes a video of Zoe being sweet saying “Happy Mother’s Day” and it’s what I look most forward to every year.

This year I am going to give both my girls a huge hug and hop in the car to take a drive by myself. I'll listen to music to check out a local plant shop. It will be nice to wander around by myself for a bit and find a new plant. I am quickly becoming a plant lady in quarantine!



Jac, Kevin + Marlowe August 2019

Last mother's day I asked for a locket. Whitney Port posted about it, I was influenced and immediately sent it to Kevin to purchase. He questioned whether or not I would where it because I rarely wear jewelry. I was certain I would have it on all the time. Fast forward twelve months and I think I've worn in three times. So this year I have asked for a hug, kiss and hand made card. Simple, easy and affordable.

I have a huge box of cards and invites that I've kept since I was a kid. Every now and then when I am supposed to be cleaning or packing or doing dishes, I find myself pulling it out and flipping through them. I love reading notes my parents sent me while at camp or birthday cards from my late Grandparents. It gives me great joy to reminisce and therefore I will never Marie Kondo them.


We hope that you enjoy this day and find a way to celebrate with family or take a moment for yourself to remember what a hero and goddess you are every day - not just on Mother's Day.


The Boxed Sourcing Team

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