Social Distance Fun with DRINK-A-LINK!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Say hello to the savior of the summer, theDrink-A-Link.

Yeah, it's two can holders connected with webbing, you're not dreaming!

Not only does it provide a dummy-proof measure for safe social distancing, but it is also arguably the most entertaining can holder on the market. What other can holder is also a jump rope, a limbo bar, a rope for tug of war, and a literal people-connector? With multiple Drink-A-Links, you can build shapes, keep up with the fast walker, and even play red rover! Is Karen being a real Karen? With the Kolder Kaddy version, all you have to do is unhook and find a new partner. Boom. Karen problem solved.

Quantity + Price

  • 50 - 99 = $6.04 each

  • 100 - 249 = $5.37 each

  • 250 - 499 = $4.83 each

Email us now for more details!!

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